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1. Food Recognition: Simply snap a picture of your meal or plate, and NutriSnap’s advanced image recognition technology will analyze and identify the food items.
2. Nutrition Facts at a Glance: Receive instant and accurate nutrition information for each food item, including carbohydrates, sugars, proteins, fats, and calories.
3. Carb and Sugar Warnings: NutriSnap evaluates your meal’s carb and sugar content, providing real-time warnings if they exceed safe or recommended levels, helping you make mindful choices.
4. Personalized Profiles: Create personalized profiles with specific dietary requirements, such as carb limits or sugar restrictions, allowing NutriSnap to deliver tailored recommendations for your unique needs.
5. Healthy Alternatives: NutriSnap suggests healthier food options based on your dietary preferences, making it easier to maintain a balanced diet and manage blood sugar levels effectively.
6. Meal Logging: Keep track of your meals and monitor your eating patterns over time. NutriSnap saves your food history, helping you understand your nutritional habits and make adjustments accordingly.
7. Progress Tracking: Set goals, track your progress, and visualize improvements in your nutrition and overall health. NutriSnap provides insights and charts to help you stay motivated on your diabetes care journey.

Experience the convenience and power of NutriSnap – the ultimate health app designed to support diabetics in making informed food choices and managing sugar and carb intake effortlessly. Take control of your health !


Diabetes Control

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